Finding Easy Scholarships to Apply For Online

The benefits possible to those with a college education are numerous if not incalculable. However, the money needed to get a college education can seem immense if not unattainable. Even if your surname is Whitney or Astor and you are considering enrolling in a college or university, you probably can benefit from easy scholarships to apply for. Being awarded a scholarship, even for those whose families earn too much money annually to qualify for financial aid, can find and apply for a scholarship that is not based on financial need. For many, this will serve as a motivator that will help you stay focused on your academic goals.

What are Scholarships?

For many scholarships online, it take just a few moments to apply.


Scholarships are monetary awards given to students to support his or her educational pursuit. Awards are granted to the individual or individuals who best satisfied the criteria on which the scholarship is based. Think of scholarships as a gift that you have earned for something you have done or for something whom you are or that you represent. Like a gift, scholarships are not repaid. Thousands of easy scholarships to apply for are available to all types of individuals. Scholarships are offered by social organizations, religious organizations, nonprofit companies, professional organizations, private companies, communities, and employers.


Scholarships come in various types including merit, need, student-specific, career specific, and college-specific. Merit scholarships are awards given to students who excel artistically, academically, athletically, or in other ways. Often, merit scholarships include the applicant’s extracurricular or community service activities. Most merit scholarships belong to private organizations, colleges, or universities. The monetary award is typically paid to the institution that the student attends. For example, the Ben Everson Scholarship is available to high school seniors pursuing a career in any water based educational field. For those who are interested in lighting and design, the William L Locklin Scholarship.

Need scholarships are based on the recipient’s family financial record. Applicants for need scholarships must submit completed a FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid form. These awards are available from the federal government and private scholarships. Usually this type of award will come from your local University around or at the same time you are awarded your financial aid for school.

Student-specific scholarships are restricted to based on the applicant’s sex, race, religious affiliation, family background, medical history or other characteristics. Most commonly are minority scholarships of various types, although these are easy scholarships to apply for, they are limited on some campuses.  An example of a student based scholarship is Tau Beta Pi Scholarship

Career-specific scholarships are available from colleges and universities to students who are interested in studying a specific academic field or degree. Students pursuing careers that are high-need like education or nursing will receive the largest awards. College-specific scholarships are available only through a single institution. These scholarships are awarded to applicants based on his or her academic or personal accomplishments. These scholarships tend to be full-rides or reduced tuition rates for the duration of the award.

Restrictions- Apply to some Programs

Some easy to apply for scholarships come with contingencies or a bond. Those awarded one of these gifts might be required to work in a specific area or for a specific employer for a specified time period. Failure to uphold the agreement could result in the award being repaid. Often military, nursing, and public health services offer these types of scholarships.


Scholarships receive negative media attention periodically. Some have criticized that some easy scholarships to apply for are discriminatory and give priority to one group and not others. Frequently this complaint comes from college students who did not win a scholarship. Working toward the high criteria on which scholarships are based and not being the chosen winner can be disappointing and may explain why a student would seek someone to blame.
There used to be a time when almost every high school graduate went on to go to college. Now, however, each and every year less and less students advance to the next level. In this economy college tuition is difficult to even think about, let alone come up with the money. Perhaps the problem lies in the perception behind college financials. Some people think that the only way to go to college is to pay for all of it out of pocket. Others who know that they cannot do so believe they have to take out a student loan for the whole amount and then fear that debt will be hanging over them for years to come. Scholarships are another part of the process that is largely misconstrued. Students think that unless they got straight A’s or excelled at a particular sport than they have no chance at a scholarship. This is not at all true and people need to know that they do have this option. Maybe it would help if they knew how easy scholarships to apply for.

There are government funds set aside for scholarships for students who genuinely want a degree but just can’t afford it. Financial aid is a viable option except for the thousands upon thousands of students whose families don’t have enough money to pay for school but too much money for student aid. What they may not know is that there are plenty of easy scholarships to apply for. All a student has to do is start looking online. There are so any different achievements that can get a student a scholarship that they don’t even know exist. There are also sites devoted to matching students to the perfect scholarship for them. Some are full scholarships while others do only pay for a portion of the tuition, but it is so much better than trying to do it all alone.

Between government incentive programs, charities, scholarships for having good personal qualities and all of the other great systems in place to get an easy scholarship to apply for, there are so many more ways to get to college than you may have thought originally. There are sites everywhere that will explain step by step how to get into college without paying any money out of pocket, others that take your information and send you emails with information on scholarships that are just right for you. Although many of these will fall into the category of easy scholarships to apply for, whether online or in person, each program will have different requirements.

When it comes to easy scholarships to apply for there are so any more than you think and there is nothing worse than letting something as simple as an internet search stand between you and your dreams. Go online, look for one that is right for you, and one day you will be a successful college graduate and a contributing member of society. Keep in mind that the more people who do go on to universities, colleges, and even trade schools, the more people we have who are employed and smart and contributing to this country and its citizens. The more success and intelligence we can gather up, the more we can make of this beautiful country that we all love.

Easy Scholarships To Apply For When You Need College Money

Education is expensive and several people are left without a degree because they cannot afford their college or other education costs. However, there are numerous easy scholarships to apply for, grants and other aid to help a student in paying their tuition fees. University grants are given out every year to supports students in their training without having to worry about the impending costs or payments.

For many people, trying to find a scholarship that is easy to apply for seems to take forever. Although there are quite a few scholarship programs out there, many will require you to write an essay, have a specific amount of experience in a certain field or require you to have a GPA about a 3.0 or even a 3.5 and some, a 3.7 and above. This leaves out a lot of people because the norm for many students and especially non-traditional students is to take 12 Semester hours and also work part or full time.

Because of this, it is important for students to be able to locate easy scholarships to apply for online. Our official stance is that you need to apply for more than 1 scholarship. When you apply for many, you increase the chances of getting awarded. There are many private scholarships and award $10,000 per month, some of these are contests and some of these are drawings.

There are many easy scholarships to apply for on the internet.

There are a couple of companies online, such as the one mentioned here that giveaway a scholarship each month. For these types of scholarships, you do not have to have a specific GPA nor do you have to write an essay. However, we do recommend that you apply to any program that you see that awards money for college to students. Just be sure to stay away from programs that require you to pay to enter.

Any free money for college that you get award by either a scholarship or grant never has to be paid back. This is why scholarship programs are so popular, because it reduces the amount of money a student will have to borrow while they are in college. When you have exhausted your search online, make an appointment with your financial aid office and talk to your counselor and ask about different programs that are available to your University. Be sure to inquire about what companies are offer internships too. For many majors, you will be able to work when you are either a Junior or a Senior. Although this will greatly depending on what college you go to, many of these opportunities are not heavily advertised on campus because usually only a few people are needed to fill these positions.

Participating in work study, internships, and making sure that you find numerous easy scholarships to apply for will help you partially finance your college education. Some scholarship programs are renewable each year, while others will require that they select a new candidate. Some programs will award 12 people per year and others will award just 1.

If you feel overwhelmed with all of your options, just start by applying for 3-5 programs per week. If you are currently in school, take some time and find easy scholarships to apply for online  and just keep a record of what you have submitted. Taking the time to fill out 50 applications will not take long.  Again, some require you to just enter a drawing and others harder scholarships to apply for will require you to have a 3.0 or higher and may even want to see a letter of recommendation.


After identifying the right university and the course you want to pursue, the next step is to gather all of the necessary documents relevant for the application process. These documents may include certificates, diplomas, degrees or other grades from your previous schools. It is crucial to gather as much information as possible. Again, each program will be different.

Sign Up For Scholarships

There are many easy scholarships to apply for online, and after gathering all the necessary documents you need, try to apply to the many scholarship programs as you can. As mentioned, this is vital for increasing the chances of getting at least one awarded to you. There are many easy scholarships to apply for, all varying in the amount of time it will take you to apply.

When the time of year has come when students all over the country are starting to plan for college students begin to think about which colleges they want to look into attending, but it’s also important to start early looking into available scholarships around your area too. The cost of getting a college education has skyrocketed in the past few years, and there are many easy scholarships to apply for. In addition, competition in the work force has also increased, which means it is even more important to get a degree if you do not plan on starting your own business. For many applications, having a bachelors degree is required just to get an interview.

One of the most simple scholarships to be eligible for is the Horatio Alger Association Scholarship. There are only two requirements for this scholarship, and those are to have a GPA of 2.0 and to have the desire to go to college. Up to $20,000 of easy scholarship money can be obtained, but the application process closes after October 25 of each year.

Another easy scholarship to apply for is the Discover Card Tribute Away which requires a GPA of 2.75 and evidence that you have faced some sort of roadblock or hardship and shown leadership in your community. Ten awards of $25,000 will be given, and up to 300 awards of $2500 are possible. Log onto the Discover website for more information about this easy scholarship money.

The Do Something Brick Award is available to students age 25 or younger in the United States and Canada who show that they have had a powerful impact on their community. Up to $25,000 will be awarded through this simple scholarship, and you can log onto DoSomething is also a great site.

There are also easy scholarships to apply for online, and it can’t get any easier than the Tell a Friend Scholarship Sweepstakes.  You can enter the “Tell a Friend” sweepstakes, and you may be awarded $1000 for yourself and $500 for a friend to go toward college tuition.

These are just a few of the easy scholarships to apply for, but there are many others. The more scholarships you apply for, the more chance you will be awarded significant financial awards toward your college education.